President Obama’s visit to Intel in Chandler AZ

What a beautiful day for a Presidential visit!  Only a mile from my house, I thought it would be fun to go on over to the Intel Plant in Ocotillo and see the excitement as … [Read more...]

How to live before you die Thank you Steve Jobs

I'm not an Apple Head. I'm not even Apple Sauce. I don't own a Mac or an Ipad. I do have an IPod..but none of that really matters. Steve Jobs will always be remembered as a leading … [Read more...]

Saying goodbye to a friend

My friend Sheryl has been valiantly fighting Cancer for over 18 years. She had lived through 7 remissions.  Sadly, about a year and a half ago, the Cancer returned once and again … [Read more...]

Did you underprice my home? The problem with selling homes quickly.

I sell homes. that over 3 times.  I SELL homes (in the East Valley by the way)!  I didn't say I LIST homes.  NO...I SELL homes. "We can't believe your sold our home … [Read more...]

Above and Beyond…a day in the life of a Chandler REALTOR

There are a lot of things Real Estate Agents do that are not on the job description and often go unrecognized. I've gone "above and beyond" for my clients for years, but one of … [Read more...]

Why do I love living in Sun Lakes AZ?

Sun Lakes AZ.  Why do I love living here?  Well, here's just one little reason.  Weather (ok that's a big reason).  Then there's the country club lifestyle with swimming, tennis, … [Read more...]

Sometimes the ugliest ornaments are the best

Putting up the Christmas tree....with each passing year it has become a chore that I dread, but this year for some reason it became a time of reflection and just a few tears. … [Read more...]

Electronic Heroin and our future of social zombies

Down time.  Do you have enough of it?  I only ask because I fear a future society of social zombies.  A world I'll call "Night of the living ED (electronic … [Read more...]

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of debt, I will fear no evil.

Short sales, foreclosures, REO's...the landscape feels scary for buyers, sellers and real estate agents as well. Many buyers have heard the horror stories about short sales that … [Read more...]

The Amy Jones Group welcomes Julie Sommerfeld to our Real Estate Team!

The Amy Jones Group is pretty picky.  We won't let just any real estate agent become a member of our team. Our agents must be crash-tested, drama-free, and have a cup that's at … [Read more...]