The Central Phoenix Chickens

Chickens 3_editedThe drizzle of the monsoon morning didn’t stop the fowl families from roaming the streets of this lower Arcadia neighborhood in Central Phoenix. More than just a few cluckers wandered in and out of neighbors’ front yards and scurried under overhanging bushes with their broads in tow.  A few lazy kittens stretched out in the grass keeping an eye on the ones with the loudest crow while one husky grey and white canine paced back and forth tending to the fowl like a seasoned shepherd.

According to local history tellers, the chickens have been a part of this Central Phoenix neighborhood for many years and for some, are part of the charm of the neighborhood. Nestled between the lush Phoenix Homesteads Historic Neighborhood and the Arcadia neighborhood – these streets are filled with sturdy brick homes built between the late 1940s and the early 1960s with over sized lots, towering citrus trees and wide streets with enough room for people, cars, and these roaming residents.

chickens 5_editedOn this particular morning, the streets are quiet except for the continuous crow of the roosters as they run from one side of the road to the other as the chickens play hide and go seek with the young ones. Depending on the time of year – you may see lots of little ones as we did during this summer excursion while other times you might find protective mothers hovering over their eggs awaiting the next generation of Phoenicians. It is quite amusing to quickly transition from the busy Thomas Road filled with fast food restaurants and local tire shops and directly into the tree lined streets of Marshall Parkway, Sunray Estates, Pomelo Park and Wilshire Terrace where it’s VERY clear who runs the roost.

As a native of Arizona, I love spending mornings exploring my neighborhoods. The twisting streets of Central Phoenix are like a proverbial treasure map with a mystery around every corner. While the main streets are laid on a grid, the neighborhood roads color outside of the lines, leaving clues to our history and culture for all who take a moment to notice. The pros and cons of chickens wandering free will continue to be debated as our city continues to grow, but as one neighbor recently put it, “Where else are you going to see something like this?”.

Welcome to Phoenix, my friends – where everything is just one cluck away.

central phoenix chickens
Chickens 4_edited
Chickens 2_edited
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