President Obama’s visit to Intel in Chandler AZ

What a beautiful day for a Presidential visit!  Only a mile from my house, I thought it would be fun to go on over to the Intel Plant in Ocotillo and see the excitement as President Obama arrived for his tour of the plant today.

I’m not going to go all political here.  It really doesn’t matter what side of the fence I’m on with President Obama.  The fact of the matter is he IS our President and for that reason I wanted to pay my respect to him.

I stood on the South corner so I wouldn’t be shooting into the sun (with my camera that is) when the motorcade passed by.  At first I didn’t realize there were designated corners.  If you stood on the North Corner of Ocotillo and Dobson Roads, I guess you were pro-Obama.  The South corner was occupied primarily by those who carried Anti-Obama signs. If you crossed the street the crowd would cheer your arrival.  Not wanting to make a statement, I tried to stand on the median, but police soon chased me  off that spot.

So, back I went to the South side of the street so I’d have a clear shot of the President arriving.

The only real argument (besides some good- natured chanting by both sides) came from an older Sun Lake resident who asked a man with a bullhorn to have respect for those with hearing aides.  His complaint fell on “deaf” ears as the bullhorn equipped man wearing a sombrero continued his LOUD protest and simply told hearing aid man to “move if you don’t like it”.  Good times.

The helicopter overhead signaled the impending arrival of the President.  Soon came the roar of the motorcade and then the black car with US flags attached.  Inside you could almost make out a shape of a man waving behind tinted glass.  Our leader passed while signs of all types were waived screaming their agendas.  I thought it ironic that one of the loudest signs of all laid quietly in the dirt.  I’ll call it our sign of the times and if one person had been standing on the corner alone holding this sign…it probably would have made the loudest statement of all.Arizona sign of the times

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