The Pain of Home Buyer’s Remorse

buyers remorseHave you felt that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach? Have you felt the fear that you’ve made the wrong decision, the pang of guilt that you paid too much? The pain that I am speaking of is buyer’s remorse, one of the more aggravating feelings in life. I know I’ve felt it after buying a particular sweater that I loved at the store that I did not like at all once I got home. However, buyer’s remorse for a $30 sweater is nothing compared to buyer’s remorse for a new home.

Buyer’s remorse is programmed into humans, so that we second guess ourselves to a point that we are no longer happy with the house of our dreams. It must be stopped! But how? The process is simple. Before you ever step foot in an open house or open a home magazine, make a list of things that you want in your home. We’ll simply call this the “Want List”.

Now it’s time to find your home! Be sure to do all your research and listen to the advice of friends, family, and, of course, your realtor about the homes that you are looking at. And bam there it is! You’ve found the perfect home! But before you close any deals, it’s time to make another list. Or two really, since you’ll need to write down the pros and cons of the house. Now take out your very first Want List. Do the pros match the big items on the Want List? Do the cons outweigh the Want List, or was your original Want List too unrealistic? Be sure that the Want List and the Pros/Cons list line up with each other.

You’ve analyzed your lists and the home is a definite go. Seal the deal and sign those papers! You go home to celebrate, but then as you are crawling into bed those feelings of regret begin to creep up. You gently push the first feelings away, but the more you push the more buyer’s remorse pushes back! Before you spend a sleepless night of running through illogical scenarios of why your new home will be the regret of your life, pull out your handy Want and Pros/Cons lists. Scan through all the logical reasons of why you loved this house in the first place. Soon enough your mind and the buyer’s remorse should be at ease.

If your buyer’s remorse cannot be satisfied through your lists, there are ways to get out of the contracts legally, but it may cost you a little. Often times, it just takes time for you to get used to the idea of your new home and a little decorating to make it really feel like a home. Going into your home search knowing what you want is essential in finding that home of your dreams.

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  1. Great advice:
    Another way to avoid that buyers remorse is to have a professional home inspection.

    Understand that the inspector will likely find some issues but most of them are common and probably are present in the home you are living in now.
    Common issues like broken roof tiles, misplaced insulation, and dirty air returns in the HVAC system can be easily addressed.
    If you follow Michelle’s advice on the Want Pro/ Cons list, you will likely get through this and be happy with your home.