How to live before you die Thank you Steve Jobs

I’m not an Apple Head. I’m not even Apple Sauce. I don’t own a Mac or an Ipad. I do have an IPod..but none of that really matters. Steve Jobs will always be remembered as a leading pioneer in the TechnoRevolution even though he never graduated from college. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his life back then and didn’t want his parents to spend their life savings on his expensive education that he felt was taking him nowhere.

After he dropped out of college, he was able to stop taking required classes and could drop in on classes he REALLY enjoyed. So there’s a simple lesson for us all. If you do what you love, your heart will take you where you need to go.

5mg hard driveWithout Steve Jobs, might we still have been looking at hard drives like this one back in the 60’s? ( Really…this is a 5mg hard drive.) Probably not.. I mean there is Bill Gates.

Even though Steve was eventually fired from his very own company, Apple in a publicly embarrasing way. He didn’t let it stop him. He still did what he loved while starting Pixar and Next. Next was bought by Apple and Steve was back at the company he started in a strange turn of events.

He always said, if he hadn’t been brought to his lowest, he wouldn’t have found another creative outlet that allowed him to grow. All because he loved what he did.

So now I ask you…Do you? Do you love what you do or are you settling and just going through the paces to bring in a paycheck?

Steve asked himself every day for over 30 years “if this was my last day of life, would I do what I am doing today”. He said he remembered every day that someday he would die. Then he got the diagnoses, Pancreatic cancer. One of the deadliest of cancers. He found he had one of the rare forms of Pancreatic Cancer that was operable and had the surgery and thought that would be the end of it.

He had cheated death but he still preached the dogma… Are you living someone else’s life while wasting your own?

If we listened, Steve Jobs taught us even more about life than than he did about technology. A giant in the technological world, yes. But his heart was even bigger than his brain and we were all blessed that he was on the planet, if for a very short time.

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