Phoenix Real Estate Reality Show

phoenix real estate reality showI wrote a post back in March about my idea for a real estate reality show to be filmed in the Phoenix Metro Area.  Get a team of cameras to follow buyers and sellers as they go through the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Today it was reported that Phoenix will be the setting for a new reality show about one of the most competitive and heart-racing real estate activities I know of – bidding on foreclosure homes.  The show will air on the Discovery Channel some time next year but will begin filming in the next few weeks at the Maricopa County Court House in downtown Phoenix.

Why will the show be entertaining?  Well..there are some pretty colorful characters who attend these auctions and the bidding on the region’s foreclosure homes is frenzied, which is why I am not one of the agents who participate.

The name of the show? “Betting on the House”…brilliant.

Bidders at auction must bring a certified check for $10,000 and a photo ID to the auction.  If the bidder wins the bid, they must pay their winning bid amount the following day in CASH.  Many of the buyers that call me to ask about bidding on foreclosures at the courthouse steps, don’t realize they can’t finance these purchases.  But prices have been so low that there have been plenty of cash buyers out there to “cash in” on the deals.

I suggest the producers hurry to get it on the air since the market is changing and this particular “reality  real estate show” will be pretty boring when the foreclosure market as we know it today…evaporates.  We are already seeing such intense competition at the auction, that the prices are being driven up, making the deals not quite as smoking and driving some bidders out of the bidding.

The number of pending foreclosures in Maricopa County is down to 19,000, half of what it was two years ago and could be the writing on the wall that this show may run for just a season.

Not exactly the reality show I was thinking of, but I will tune in.

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