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Paradise Valley Dreams and a Coolidge Budget

We have to get the word out there.  Buyers all over the world are coming to the Phoenix area to buy our BARGAIN PRICED homes.  They've heard the stories.  You can buy a mansion for … [Read more...]

Phoenix Real Estate Reality Show

I wrote a post back in March about my idea for a real estate reality show to be filmed in the Phoenix Metro Area.  Get a team of cameras to follow buyers and sellers as they go … [Read more...]

Chandler AZ Real Estate Market Update 9/2011

What's happening in the Chandler, AZ Real Estate Market? 768 properties are currently listed for sale in Chandler, AZ with a median price of $217,900 133 REO (Lender owned) … [Read more...]

Are your social media buttons flipping people off?

Let this serve and a warning to anyone who posts social media icons on their blogs, websites or email signatures.  A client called me yesterday and left a message asking "So, … [Read more...]

What does the future in Arizona look like?

Ok, we've heard all the horror stories. We know Arizona has been hit hard by the recession and the plummeting real estate market.  That's all been talked to death.  In my mind, … [Read more...]

Gilbert AZ 9/11 Memorial Tribute unveils a piece of the World Trade Center

Gilbert, AZ has acquired an 8 foot long piece of the World Trade Center from the 9/11/2001 tragedy.  Gilbert is among just a few of the cities in Arizona who received that artifact … [Read more...]