My idea for a new Real Estate Reality Show

phoenix real estateI love the reality series “Million Dollar Listing“.  The guys are fun to watch and the homes inspire me..or make me say “Really? $1.5 million for THAT?

But then again, I live in the land where you can pick up a 4 bedrooms and a bath for less than the price Ford pickup.

Not that American needs yet another reality show..but if they did, I think we need a reality show that IS REALITY.

Follow me around while I show a buyer a few of the over 2500 homes that are listed for UNDER $50,0000 in the Phoenix Metro area.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  We have our million dollar listings as well and the sellers of those homes are no less impacted by the decline in their values.  That could be episode 2.

Get a glimpse of reality when I sit with a seller and tell them the house they paid $350,000 for 5 years ago is now worth about half of that.

Get a shot of my buyers and I at a home inspection when the inspector turns the water on and finds the water softener and hot water heater has been stolen and water is squirting all over the garage.

We’ll have to make sure we get the happy shots too.  Because there is still a lot of “Happy” in the Phoenix real estate market.  Buyers are smiling and even doing the happy dance at closing.  And if that’s not film worthy..nothing is.

So, if there’s a producer out there that wants a taste of the Really REAL reality real estate show called ‘How low can we go’…give me a call.

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Mindy Jones Nevarez is the owner of Amy Jones Group Keller Williams Integrity First. The Amy Jones Real Estate Group has been recognized as the #1 Real Estate Team in Chandler by the Phoenix Business Journal and voted Best of Our Valley for 4 years.

The Amy Jones Group specializes in real estate in Chandler, Sun Lakes, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Ahwatukee, and Phoenix.


  1. This is really great from buyers perspective. Though situation is more or less similar across America.

    Dan Statlander
    (Real estate experts in Boca Raton Florida)

  2. Yep…It would have National appeal! Thanks for your comment!

  3. I agree! That would be a great show. Especially if you could take Canadians (specifically Calgarians—such as myself) who haven’t seen a $50,000 listing well…ever! (I’m young) Here, $150,000 MAY get you a small 1 bedroom apartment-style condo in a less-than-desirable area. I’m assuming over there it would probably buy a sizable single family home.

  4. So true, Rachel! My Canadian clients are like kids in a candy store. So many low priced homes to choose from! $150,000 will get you a large home with a pool in some of our outlying areas.

  5. I love that show too! Great post! Our market has not gone quite as low as yours, our average home sold is in the 200’s–but still quite lower than years past.

  6. Thanks for your comment, Paula ~ I think most of the nation is lower than it once was. Great time to be a buyer!