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Short selling your home? Your participation is required.

Representing sellers who are short selling their homes is usually very rewarding.  Oh, I'm not talking about financial reward, I'm talking about the feeling that you've really … [Read more...]

Arizona Foreclosures…When the Associated Press gets it wrong.

There are a lot of mortgages in default in Arizona... BUT (and that's a pretty important BUT) it's not as bad as recently reported by the Associated Press (AP) who reported 70% of … [Read more...]

UFO Convention in Fountain Hills 2/23/2011 – 2/27/2011

Immigration and aliens.... current hot topics in Arizona. But this week (February 23-27, 2011), immigrants from other planets are the topic of conversation at the International … [Read more...]

Fulton Ranch Monterey in Chandler AZ ~ Buyers Camping Out for Lots

Whoa....Deja Vu.  I haven't seen home buyers camping out for home builders' lot releases since...Oh, I don't know...2005? But that was exactly the situation last night in Fulton … [Read more...]

FAB…ulous! Intel announces plans to build Fab 42 in Chandler, Arizona

Yesterday's announcement by Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini outlined Intel's plan to build a new chip manufacturing facility in Chandler was music to 500,000 ears in … [Read more...]

Above and Beyond…a day in the life of a Chandler REALTOR

There are a lot of things Real Estate Agents do that are not on the job description and often go unrecognized. I've gone "above and beyond" for my clients for years, but one of … [Read more...]

Why do I love living in Sun Lakes AZ?

Sun Lakes AZ.  Why do I love living here?  Well, here's just one little reason.  Weather (ok that's a big reason).  Then there's the country club lifestyle with swimming, tennis, … [Read more...]

Sellers should be asking their agents “Do your listings sell?”

I was recently asked by a seller "How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood".  This question is very "old school" in our technological world and I thought the question was … [Read more...]

Great Canadian Picnic 2011 in Phoenix Arizona ~

It's time for Canada Week in Arizona featuring the Great Canadian Picnic. Just what is the Great Canadian Picnic?  First, it's NOT just for Canadians, but it IS the feature event … [Read more...]