Please see the BIG PICTURE when negotiating that home sale

Buyers and Sellers don't lose the big picture“It’s the principle of the thing.”

The problem with these 6 little words is they suck the life out of many a real estate transaction…virtually suffocating the big picture.

I’ve had buyers and sellers get hung up over a $200 repair or a close date neither party wants to budge on all due to “the principle of the thing”.

I recently represented a seller who refused to make repairs they didn’t feel were necessary because they felt the buyers were already getting a great deal on their home and it was “the principle of the thing”…and the buyers refused to accept that decision even after their agent offered to pay for the small cost of those repairs. Why? Well it was “the principle of the thing”, of course. After much counseling about the BIG PICTURE, we were able to close the transaction, but it wasn’t easy.

Emotions on both sides of the real estate transaction can run high in today’s market. Buyers who feel they’re walking in real estate buyer’s market heaven where they can have everything “their way”. Sellers who feel they’ve already given up thousands of dollars due to depreciation so why should they have to give up anything more.

The truth of the matter is that while neither the buyer or seller are really wrong in their assessments, they often forget to look at the BIG PICTURE.

Buyers, please don’t loose sight that you’ve found the perfect home at a great price. Don’t risk losing it over something trivial.

Sellers, please don’t fail to realize that balking over a minor repair can cost you a sale. In the long run this will cost you a lot more than the cost of a repair if you have to put your home back on the market and have to make additional months house payments while you wait for another buyer (who may ask once again for that repair to be made).

THE PRINCIPLE is a very righteous cause but ask yourself, “will it really matter a few months from now?”

In today’s real estate market, rather than getting hung up on the principle of the thing…we would all be better off borrowing some words from Larry the Cable Guy and just “GET R DONE”!

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