Chilean Miners teach the world a lesson

I have been moved to tears as I watch each Chilean miner emerge from the earth after being trapped 2000 feet below the surface for 69 days.  It really puts everything into perspective doesn’t it?

The human condition crosses all man-made borders. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. People are people and most have a spirit that fights to stay alive under the worst of circumstances.  It makes some of the things we whine about seem quite petty, actually.

As fathers, husbands, brothers and sons see daylight for the first time in 69 days and as they embrace family and friends, it’s like nothing else matters. Cheers and tears of joy, faces that are bursting with happiness.  Unsuspecting heroes that have drawn an entire world to their plight with prayers and hopes of rescue.

Most of these men will now be out of work…but it doesn’t matter right now.  They are smiling because they made it.  They’ve shown us all that no matter how big the catastrophe, with faith we can survive to smile again.

Yes, their lives will be changed forever.  I think mine will be too.

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