Electronic Heroin and our future of social zombies

Down time.  Do you have enough of it?  I only ask because I fear a future society of social zombies.  A world I’ll call “Night of the living ED (electronic device)”.

Your brain on electronicsScientists have found an unanticipated side effect of constant brain stimulation… A brain that can no longer function at a high capacity.  Memory, mood, and the ability to come up with new ideas seem to be most affected.

Think about it …if your brain will let you…. We wake up to a radio perhaps, flooding our brain right off the bat with news and or music.  Next we reach for our smart phones or check our email, Facebook, Twitter…blah blah blah.  We may turn on the TV to catch the latest happenings and head off to work with the radio or ipod plugged into our brain.

We stop at a light and check our email or type a quick text. If we work at an office we’re plugged in via computer, telephone, fax all day long.

We go to the gym after work and watch the tv that’s attached to the elliptical trainer.

Any moment can be interrupted by the “boink” of a text coming in.  Most of us can’t let that sit and we respond stopping any activity we were involved in whether we’re in line at the grocery store, sitting at the dinner table or.. egads… even while we’re talking to our spouses or children.  But it’s ok, because they do it too.

Even though we think we may be relaxing while we surf the Net, a University of Michigan study suggests that processing a barrage of information leaves people fatigued.

Ya think?

That’s not stopping electronic game makers and mobile software developers though, because they know we’re all addicted.  Electronic media is brain heroin.

It really does scare me.  I can foresee a Generation Zero.  Zero because social skills are gone. Memory skills…gone and Attention Deficit Disorder will be shared by most.

I, for one, am going to try to wean myself off the electronic high.  I’m going to start enjoying nature.  I will take a walk without my Ipod plugged into my brain.  I will sit on the porch and watch the squirrels and birds. I won’t be afraid to be alone with nothing but my thoughts.

I’m going to do it…just as soon as I finish my blog stuff…and check the last emails that just came in.

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