Saying Goodbye to Brian ~ Until we meet again.

We said “goodbye” to Brian on Tuesday after he suffered a massive heart attack on July 2 and never regained Brian & Lynetteconsciousness.  A painful reminder that we should live and love as if there will be no tomorrow.

Brian was 57 years old and he and his wife, Lynette are my husband, TJ & my best friends.  Lynette is also a Real Estate Agent on my Team and my “sister” by choice.

What can I say about Brian other than the fact he was a loving husband and father and a great friend?

Brian was an ex-Navy man who loved history. Is it possible for one man to know everything there is to know about history?  If so, Brian was that man.  An avid reader, he knew the name of every battleship, the wars they were in, how many bolts held them together and could probably even tell you the name of the man who invented the bolts.

Brian’s knowledge didn’t stop at history. His knowledge was vast and he loved to enlighten us whether we wanted him to or not.  You could be talking over dinner about the merits of a good steak and somehow the conversation evolved into everything you never wanted to know about the dung beetle.

There are a couple things I can think of that you wouldn’t want to do with Brian.

One.  Trivial Pursuit.. unless you were on his team.  You knew you were going to lose before you took the game out of the box.

TJ & BrianTwo.  Fishing.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  Brian loved to fish.  He & TJ spent hours on the lake up near our cabin.  They floated, they talked…but they didn’t catch fish.  Brian was human fish repellent.  Somehow fish knew when Brian was on the other end of the line.  It must have been like some kind of fish beacon, because the fish stayed clear.

Brian, Lynette & their 2 sons once took a fishing trip where everyone was catching fish.  Well almost everyone.  Brian hadn’t caught any of course.  But then Brian finally felt a tug on his line and proceeded to real in a big one when suddenly, the line went slack as Brian reeled in a half of a fish.  Seems that a bigger fish decided to have a snack on Brian’s catch.  So there they were everyone with their fish and Brian with his half a fish.

Brian, Lynette, Josh & Nick became our family.  We shared holidays together, we laughed together, we cried together, we prayed together, we even bought cabins near each other. When we felt heartache or joy, we would share every single one of those times together, all it took was a phone call and within minutes we were sitting together, sharing a meal or just being there for each other.

We dreamed of the day we would all retire and move together to another part of the country.  Would we live in the mountains or by the sea?  We talked about opening a bed and breakfast.  Brian would be the cook (he was a great cook), I would do the marketing, TJ would be the bouncer and Lynette would do the cleaning…I think that’s where the plan went bad.

We planned to take a trip together to the Holy Land.  We wanted to walk where Jesus walked. We talked so often about our faith and when Jesus would return. Yes, of all the things Brian knew this was the biggest.  He knew someday he’d see Jesus and he was excited about that.Our best friends

So, how do you say goodbye to your best friend?  I don’t think you do.  Brian is not gone, he’s just stepped out of the room.

We are sitting here on earth with pain in our hearts and tears in our eyes while Brian is filled with a joy that we can’t begin to comprehend.

Brian’s taking the ultimate holy land tour.  He’s not walking where Jesus walked, he’s walking right beside Him.

In the grand scheme of things, our life here is brief and because Jesus said he was going to prepare a place for us, we know it’s going to be glorious.  Brian’s already there and when he meets us as the gate, he’s going to be overflowing with facts and trivia about how Heaven works and the people he’s met.

I’ve never really wondered if there are dung beetles in Heaven, but I’ll know who to ask when I get there.  And where will I find Brian when I have a question?  He’s going to be sitting in a boat on a lake as clear as glass. And that boat will be filled with fish.

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