Flag Day in the US ~ What does it mean to you? Do you even care?

flag day 2010

As I scan the crowd when the National Anthem is played at the beginning of any sporting event, I wonder…Is anyone listening?  Is anyone covering their heart with their right hand? Does anyone see our flag? Does anyone care?

I look around me as I watch our flag pass by during a parade. Are hats removed and placed over hearts? Does anyone see our flag? Does anyone care?

It seems to me that these simple signs of respect to our flag are fading and if we don’t do something to bring them back, they will soon be gone forever.

When I see a flag I think of my dad who served 20 years on Battleships in the US Navy. A man who loved his country and was on the Yorktown when it was sunk. He was 18.

I see a symbol of freedom that was paid for by the deaths of thousands who fought for that freedom. I see a symbol that enrages terrorists enough for them to set fire to it.  Yes, it seems our flag stirs more in the hearts of terrorists than it does in many of our own citizens.

So, I ask you…What does the flag mean to you?  Do your children show respect to the flag by covering their hearts during the National Anthem or when the Flag passes by on parade?  If not, then I probably don’t have to ask “do you?”

So tomorrow is a chance to fly our flag and show the world that we are proud of all our flag stands for.  It’s a chance to bring back those simple signs of respect that were once so important.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if every single house had a US flag proudly flying tomorrow? Or…do you care?

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