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Buyer Credit Deadline dies in the Senate…but can it be resuscitated?

Unfortunately, the buyer tax credit extension which would have extended the deadline for the buyer tax credit from June 30, 2010 to September 30, 2010 was attached to the American … [Read more...]

Two little words that are killing America

I've been wondering. How did we get into this mess? Foreclosure and bankruptcy are rampant and it no longer carries any social stigma because everyone's doing it. But how did we … [Read more...]

Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

They say it gets easier.   I say... well, kinda. I know this because I didn't shed a single tear as I passed the Father's Day cards display this year...the second Father's Day … [Read more...]

Chandler home values..They’ve fallen but they CAN get up.

I was doing some research today to see just how far our home values in Chandler, Arizona have fallen.  You do know they've fallen, right? Here's some data you may find … [Read more...]

Are your home’s photos keeping your home from selling?

Every day I am amazed at the listing photos I see that are supposed to be marketing a home to sell, but these perfectly nice homes look like the ugly stepsister (that's probably … [Read more...]

Flag Day in the US ~ What does it mean to you? Do you even care?

As I scan the crowd when the National Anthem is played at the beginning of any sporting event, I wonder...Is anyone listening?  Is anyone covering their heart with their right … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Daughter, Lerie.

Not a real estate post...just a post full of love and birthday wishes for my youngest daughter, Lerie! … [Read more...]

Sun Groves, Chandler AZ home for sale ~ JUST LISTED!

[idx-listing mlsnumber="4402902" showall="true"] … [Read more...]

Just listed in Wild Tree ~ Chandler, AZ

[idx-listing mlsnumber="4402687" showall="true"] … [Read more...]

A 330sf home with 24 rooms…No kidding!

Think your home is too small?  Don't tell that to Gary Chang, a Hong Kong Architect who transformed his 330 square foot apartment into a 24-room testament to thinking outside the … [Read more...]