Some Maricopa Meadows homeowners reporting foundation issues

sad houseIt’s not breaking news that real estate values have really taken a beating over the passed 3 years in Maricopa, AZ (as well as just about everywhere else in the Phoenix Metro area).

Now to add insult to injury, it was reported today at that some homeowners in Maricopa Meadows are claiming their foundations are crumbling.

More than 200 homeowners have joined a claim against 6 developers who built homes in Maricopa Meadows, a community of 1537 homes. The claim alleges that developers in the community knowingly built homes on ground high in sulfates, which eat away at the “paste” that holds the concrete together.

According to Phoenix Attorney John  Chiax ~

“If these homes are left as is, it would take on average of 10 to 15 years until significant structural damage occurred.”   He added that while there is no permanent solution other then tearing the homes down and starting fresh, treatment could be done to the slabs that could extend the life of the home up to 60 years.

“When a developer sets to build a community, a soil analysis is often done to determine the type of compounds present.  If there is high sulfates, the builders will typically use a type V cement, but that did not happen in this community,” Chaix said.

Michelle Leu purchased her new build home from Elite Homes 3 years ago in Maricopa Meadows.  I know..because I was there.  I was her Agent.  Sadly, like so many, the value of her home has fallen 50-60% and now she’s having problems with the deteriorating cement on her back patio.

“I have had the developer out two times, and all they do is pour some new cement, and then it just crumbles away again,” she said. “I am extremely disappointed to find the developer knew about the issue.”

For Michelle, there’s one other hurdle.  Elite Homes, one of the largest developers in the community filed Bankruptcy in 2008.

If there really is a problem with sulfates in the soil causing the deterioration of concrete, this is something everyone should be made aware of so we can ask the right questions when buying a home.  A high percentage of the homes being sold in Maricopa Meadows are either Short Sales or Lender Owned properties and most of these homes come with limited or no seller disclosures for the buyer.

For those interested in learning more, Attorney Chaix will host an informational meeting at Maricopa Wells Middle School April 17, 2010 at 9 a.m.

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  1. Amy, you are a very smart and knowledge realtor. I have always found value you in what you say and write. This is an interesting topic. I hear this is all about layers squeezing out a buck to this is a real and valid issue.

    I have had buyers buy in Maricopa Meadows after I have shared this with them. They have spoke with specialists in the field who say there is no simple and clear answer. They do not know any damage will ever come from there. They do know there is a valid issue and concern. They say it could take 100 years until something big comes from this, etc.

    With this said, buyer be ware as this could be a very, very slow erosion, and please know there are other great real estate communities in Maricopa City.

  2. Thanks for your comment, James. Actually, the erosion has been pretty quick in Maricopa Meadows. My niece replaced a patio in less than a couple years. Very sad situation.

  3. Greetings All;

    I am new to Maricopa, and I thanking the Lord for a great deal that He Provided us in purchaseing a Home in Rancho Eldorado.
    My question is that after being here a few days I hear all this talk about foundation issues
    I moved my Construction Landscape Buisness to Maricopa were I could make a New Fresh Start bringing my ideas and talante to a new and upcomming community.
    What am I being faced with?
    Is this something that can be resolved?
    DID I Make A bad MOVE???

  4. Hi Jere,
    I don’t think you made a bad move. Rancho El Dorado is a great place to live. I would encourage you to do some google searching online to see the status of any soil issues and class action lawsuits in the area. Good luck!