A pinky toe derails my weekend

My Pinky toeNever paid much attention to my pinky toe.  The tiniest of all the toes and it’s never served much purpose to me.  BUT I now know it has great control over your life when you walk into a door barefoot and break that pinky toe all the way through. 

I never even saw the door coming and if I’d only moved over about an inch, it never would have smacked into my pinky toe. (Notice how I’m not claiming any responsibility for this incident)

But alas, contact was made and when I looked down, what did I see? My left pinky toe pointing at 9:00 exactly. Never knew a toe could go in a complete right angle formation.

So here I am, with a puffy pinky toe that is getting the attention it so craves while it reminds me every few seconds that it’s there.

Thanks pinky toe. I had to rearrange my whole schedule and call in back-ups for my clients this weekend.

You know, pinky toe…I’m not real happy with you right now and frankly the door’s not off the hook either.

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