When will the Chandler Real Estate Market improve? Let me check my crystal ball.

I’ve decided. I want that mystical Real Estate Crystal Ball for Christmas this year.

I know it may come as a shock to you, but a real estate license doesn’t come with a crystal ball.  Nope, not a single fortune cookie either.

If I had a dollar, no…make that a nickel, for every “fortune telling” request I’ve had, I could have retired years ago.  Questions like “when is the market going to rebound?” “When will my home be worth what it was in 2005/2006?” “Should I sell now?” “Should I buy now?” “Should I wait till next year?”

It makes me smile that there are so many so-called real estate experts in the world who are “predicting” the bottom of the market or the year the market will be back to “normal”.  The truth of the matter is NO ONE KNOWS!  Really.  NO ONE.

When the Chandler, AZ real estate market started it’s crazy run back in early 2000, no one predicted it.  It just happened. I was there and it was insane.  All of a sudden we were out of houses to sell.  Supply and demand kicked in.  Everybody wanted what no one could get and just like the famed Cabbage Patch Doll of the 80’s, people were fighting with dollars over homes.

We can all look at the economic signs and compare those signs to what has happened historically and yes, there are some people who do that for a living, so they are probably more qualified than most, but really, folks, it’s still just an educated guess.  Will some of them get it right.  Odds are, yes, some will.  Now, don’t go asking me which ones.  I’m still waiting for that Crystal Ball.

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