5 things I learned during my vacation at Disneyworld and why I'll take Arizona over Florida any day.

My husband TJ & I just returned from a vacation to Florida where we spent 4 days at the Disney parks (and 1 full day at the pool).  I Disney Castlerealized several things during this vacation.

1.  There is no recession at Disneyworld.  The parks were full and people lined up to pay $19 for macaroni & cheese and $40 for a steak dinner at the park.

2.  Disney prices have not be affected by the recession.  Wait, let me rephrase…Disney has not lowered their food prices to help the visitors during this economy.  I read where food prices at Disney actually have gone up 35% in the face of the recession.

crying kids at disney3.  Disney is the happiest place on earth…only when you have the luxury of visiting without children.  Don’t get me wrong, some of my happiest memories are of trips to Disney with my daughters.  However, based on the number of crying children and not so happy parents, I would say my husband & I had a much better time than they were having.

4.  It is possible to “do” a Disney park in less than 4 hours.  After studying the “Unofficial Guide to Disneyworld” on the plane trip to Orlando, I was a self-professed pro as we hit the parks.  My husband just grabbed my belt loop and held on as I smoothly navigated through the throngs and managed to get us on the top billed rides with little to no waiting each and every day.  Of course, being there sans kiddies helped (See #3).  We were at the pool by 2pm every day and in my book that’s the best place to be in hot and humid Orlando.

5.  A visit to Florida made me remember why I love Arizona.  “It’s not the heat it’s the humidity”…no truer words were ever said.  I’ve orlando humiditylived through summers that can get as high at 118 degrees in the desert during the summer, but I’ve never been more uncomfortable than walking around Disney at 88 degrees and 88% humidity.  During our return flight to Phoenix I listened to a couple sitting behind me as they were discussing why anyone would want to live in the desert.  Are you kidding me?  Did they not just get on the plane with me in Orlando where they were probably scraping mold from their armpits?  I’ll take Arizona over Florida any day.

Oh…and one more thing…if you have the chance to stay at a 5 star hotel on the day that it opens…DO IT!  The Hilton at Bonnet Creek was amazing and we had the whole lazy river pool (that was also amazing) to ourselves almost the entire stay. 

Now I’m dried out and back to selling houses…let the games begin!


  1. Let me say, you are a fast learner. I was unfortumate enough to have to live there for 5 years before I retired in South Carolina. Everything you said is absolutely true and everytime I hear someone wanting to retire there I just chuckle. My next thought, you’ll be back………….