Where do ghosts live in Arizona? Have their homes been repossessed?

I’ve been wondering, why don’t you hear about regular old haunted houses in the Phoenix metro area?  Is it because the area is too new?  Perhaps ghosts don’t like the heat?  Or maybe the banks have repossessed their homes?

haunted house in arizonaIn the Midwest, every town had it’s share of so-called haunted houses.  Ok, don’t think I’m weird…but I may actually have lived in one in Kenosha, WI.  I’m not into mysticism, but there were definitely some spooky occurrences that took place in my 60 year old house where I lived alone with my little dog, Merffy. 

Like the night Merffy acted like he was watching a fly buzz around his head.  Then he jumped off the couch, ran to the foot of the stairs and sat there looking up the stairs to the darkened second floor.  I was mildly interested watching his escapades. After about 30 seconds his tennis ball came bouncing down the stairs on it’s own.  He picked it up, tail wagging while waiting expectantly looking up the stairway.  I sat frozen in place, heart racing for several minutes before I got up the courage to go upstairs.  Stomping loudly up the stairs (thinking i would scare the ghost?)  turning on all the lights and, heart still pounding, looking under the beds.  Nothing ever explained it, so I gave my ghost a name, Henry. 

How ’bout the time I was sitting at the dining room table eating a bowl of cereal and I heard something fall in the kitchen. Henry had apparently sent me a gift from beyond as a coin came rolling across the wood floor and stopped at my feet.  It was a silver quarter dated 1959, the year I was born (no snide age comments here ~ thank you very much).  And no, I’ve never done drugs.

The haunted house stories still intrigue me.  Stories of unrequited love and death that came too soon, but then I’ve always leaned a little towards the creepy side.  Like, I really love old cemeteries.  The older the better.  They’re quiet, nicely landscaped and a great place to meditate on a sunny spring day.  But, I digress…

People do die in Arizona, but I guess their ghosts have better places to go.  Maybe we need to start importing some ghosts.  I think a friendly ghost would be a nice selling feature for some of these vacant homes.  Something unique that nobody else has.

I read a story about a company selling Ghosts in a Bottle.  No kidding.  I guess you can buy this bottle that’s filled with a ghost that has been captured from a haunted place by a “Ghost Hunter”.  The bottles are sealed for your own protection of course, but who just wants a bottle of ghost.  Of course you HAVE to open it. 

The website does not recommend opening the bottle however, and says if you do you may experience one or more of the following: 

  • Muffled moans and groans for long periods of time
  • Doors opening or closing slowly
  • A feeling someone is following you around your home
  • The feeling someone is watching you
  • Mysterious phone calls…and the list goes on

Wait a minute…maybe we do have haunted houses in Arizona.  We call them short sales.