Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert, AZ and the Hotdog Days of Summer

Joes Farm GrillMy first visit to Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert was a pleasant surprise.  Located at 3000 E Ray Rd in Agritopia, a community that reminds me of  my Midwest roots and after reflecting about missing the Midwest seasons in my post a couple days ago, this was just the ticket.

It was Grandma and Grandpa day on Saturday, movies and a trip to Joe’s topped the list for me, papa TJ & the grandsons. What I liked most about Joe’s wasn’t the food, though it was a great hot dog.  It was the picnic tables setEthan amidst the shade of the  towering fruit trees.  It was a little warm (about 102…but it’s a dry heat), but if I didn’t think about it, I could almost imagine I was sitting in a park back home.

BrennanJoe’s is a “walk up to the window and order” type of restaurant and you’ll get a buzzer that lets you know when your order is ready. Now you really can’t think about fat content when you’re eating at Joes because  I think beef hot dogs are the specialty. 

In fact, there’s a special each day during the “dog days of summer” consisting of 2 creative options.  During our visit the hot dog special of the day was either the Buffalo Dog or the Cordon Bleu Dog (We really wanted to try the Trailer Park Dog that comes with potato chips on top, but that wasn’t on the menu on Saturday). 

Hot dog at Joes farm grill in gilbert azSo, TJ tried the Buffalo Dog, Ethan and I opted for a regular dog (after he informed me he no longer orders off the kid menu) and Brennan had the Kid’s Corn Dog Bites.  The food was yummy but the best part was watching Brennan climb trees and throw grapefruit at inanimate objects.   Good times during the dog days of summer in the desert.


  1. I love Joe’s Farm Grill! The barbeque reminds me of the truck stops in the south, but the place has so much style that it’s hard to compare. Great atmosphere and great food. Thanks for the article, Amy. -Aaron