First Elvis Festival in Chandler, Arizona. Really..The first one.

Kokopelli Elvis Festival Chandler ArizonaYou gotta love Chandler. In March we have the Annual Ostrich Festival and now…drum roll please…The ELVIS Festival! YES!

Today and tomorrow, Kokopelli Winery in Downtown Chandler will be hosting it’s first ever Elvis Festival to include Elvis music (naturally) and an Elvis look-a-like contest complete with Elvis impersonator act at 7:00 pm.  So, is a look-alike contest the same as an Impersonator contest.  Probably not for good reason.  Nothing better than watching a bunch of guys in black wigs and white spandex shaking their hips when it’s 112 degrees outside.  If there is spandex, I’m hoping this will be an indoor event.

Patrons are also encouraged to wear their poodle skirts (I assume this means the female patrons…but you never know) and take part in the best poodle skirt contest.

Yes, Chandler truly is the wild (and crazy) West.  I’d like to cast my vote for weasel races while we’re trying new and exciting events.  Do we have weasels in the desert?  If we can find Ostriches and Elvis…I’m sure we can round up a few weasels.