Homes are Selling in Chandler, AZ…but which homes?

Homes are selling in Chandler, Arizona but which homes exactly?  There are currently 1153 homes (331 Short sale, 69 lender owned, 653 regular resale) for sale in Chandler.  The a median list price of  a home is $240,000. 

There are 73 homes (32 short sale, 28 lender owned,13 regular sales) priced under $100,000.  The least expensive home for sale in Chandler is a bank owned 3 bedroom home listed at $31,000. 

There are 32 homes priced over $1,000,000 (3 short sales, 29 regular resales) with the highest priced home award going to a Short-Sale home priced at $7,400,000.  I know this home.  I used to live right across the street and it’s pretty amazing. In 2006, this home was listed for $11,500,000.  12,725sf (6 bedrooms, 10 baths) situated on over 10 Acres.  Words really can’t describe this home…it was even used as a movie set a few years ago. But I digress…

So that’s what’s for sale according to the Arizona MLS…but what is SELLING?  Looking at the stats…almost half of the homes sold were REO (Lender Owned) properties and 80% sold for under $300,000.

Since January 2009:

2419 homes have sold in Chandler, Arizona
1087 (45%) homes sold were lender owned
419 (17%) homes sold were short sales
913 (38%) homes sold were regular sales
1935 (80%) homes sold for under $300,000 (324 short sales, 961 lender owned, 650 regular sales)

Chandler homes for sale