Itty bitty photos that won't sell your home and one magic photo that might.

Mr. & Ms. Seller, you get your home all spiffed up and ready to sell.  Dusting in all the corners to make it shine.  Then you put all your trust in your Realtor to market your home to sell.  Why oh why, then do you place so much trust in that Realtor that you don’t check your listing on MLS to see how it looks to ALL the Realtors out there who are going to show your home.  And how bout ALL the buyers that are going to receive your listing from ALL those Realtors? 

I’ve been on my soapbox for years about lousy photos that some agents use to market their listings.  I just don’t get it.  I’ve tried getting through to them, but maybe they’ll only listen to their sellers…so sellers…start talking! 

Take for example my search today for a home for one of my buyers.  When there are hundreds of homes to go through, I do what many buyers do to narrow it down a bit.  I go straight to the photos to see if anything jumps off the screen at me (that’s what your house for sale should do, by the way, Mr. or Ms. Seller, jump right off the screen). 

So I’m clicking along and Shazam…This home doesn’t exactly jump off the page, but just about sucks my face into the computer as I try to make out exactly what I’m seeing:  Here it is…in all it’s glory… or not.

ittybitty housesYep…that’s it. Actual size.   Should have a disclaimer that some items may be larger than they appear, huh?

Not to worry though, our MLS obligingly corrects photos so the cover shot is of the correct size.  So here’s that photo:

ittbitty big houseOh, good.  That helps.

C’MON fellow Real Estate “Professionals”!  If you don’t know how to upload photos of the correct resolution to the MLS then ask someone to help you.  Hey…call me.  I’ll even walk you through it for free!

Speaking of listing photos…another one caught my eye for a completely different reason. 

I’m looking at homes for sale in a certain neighborhood.  One house jumps out.  Not because of great photos, but because it’s priced $100,000 higher than the rest of the homes for sale in the neighborhood.  As I scan through the listing and then through the photos to see what makes this home worth $100,000 more than the others, I come upon this photo (yes, this is the actual photo in MLS) and it all becomes crystal clear:

cleaning manThis home apparently comes with a man who does floors.  What a brilliant marketing plan.  If he does windows…I’m buying this one myself!


  1. Hummm….and the house with a French maid must be next door right? 🙂

  2. Yep…I’m sure…right next door, but that one was listed for considerably less. She must not do floors.

  3. While I completely agree with you that the photos are terrible… they did draw in your attention. From a marketing standpoint, they actually were GREAT! From a functionality standpoint… not so much. What they should have done… Include several Amazing photos in the listing once you click past the small photo or the photo of the man cleaning. It’s all a matter of perspective. Great Blog btw. Keep up the good posts.

  4. Hey Brian~
    Yes…they got my attention…but I’m not so sure they would have gotten my buyer’s attention. They blow by fuzzy photos like they’re not even there. I guess it’s all a supply and demand issue. If this was one of the only homes on the market it would still have made the cut. Yes, it would have been nice if the rest of the photos were great…but they sadly…they were the same postage stamp size.

    The cleaning dude…I liked that. He was on another listing. I’m surprised it’s still for sale!

    Thanks for visiting!