Darn, our streak has ended.

summer in ArizonaI may have mentioned that our real estate market is certainly controlled in some part by a “supply and demand” philosophy.  It’s been encouraging to watch our inventory drop for the last 22 consecutive weeks.  Unfortunately, that streak was just broken. 

This week’s Weekly Real Estate Update revealed an increase of active East Valley homes on the market in our MLS.  It wasn’t a significant increase, a mere 21 homes, however, after 22 weeks of steadily falling inventory, I was sorry to see this little blip into the positive category. 

I’m sure the fact that it’s summer (translation… IT’S HOT) has something to do with the increase…or decrease in buyer activity.  I’m also pretty certain that the flood of transactions that have been occurring over the last few months are encouraging those sellers who have been waiting to list, to give it a try.

Whatever the case, it’s still a great time to be a buyer in Phoenix metro area, so don’t let a little heat rash keep you from finding the home of your dreams!