Psycho bird disturbing the peace in Pinetop, Arizona

Pinetop ArizonaMy husband and I have escaped the Valley heat wave by fleeing to our cabin in Pinetop.  The name Pinetop accurately describes this little bit of paradise.  Pine trees, Oak trees & Aspens surround you at 7200 ft in elevation, the temps average about 30-40 degrees cooler than the Phoenix Valley in the summer.  No air conditioning needed.

Only one complaint…and it’s a little one.  Disturbing the peace is a psychotic bird, a robin to be exact, who apparently believes the crazed bird he sees reflected in every one of our windows should be attacked…repeatedly…daily…and beginning about 6:30 in the morning.  Where’s my slingshot?


  1. Marion Spagnolo says:

    Hi Amy~
    Now that is too funny.

  2. Lauren says:

    I had a problem with birds flying into my windows and killing themselves. I bought some window decals that are made for that purpose, and they really work. I think they would keep your bird from attacking its reflection, too. Drs. Foster and Smith sell them:

    I have the ones that look like leaves. Good Luck!

  3. Hey Marion!
    It was funny…until it started waking me up at 6:30! 😉

  4. Hi Lauren~
    Do the decals stick on the outside of the window. I ask because as you can see in the video, there’s a colorful stained glass hanging in the window, and it sure doesn’t deter him!