The Pecans in Queen Creek and a catch phrase to die for.

Acacia Properties is advertising the gated, custom home community, The Pecans (Power Road & Chandler Heights) in Queen Creek.  You can find their big green signs at several intersections in Gilbert and Chandler and they’re certainly eye-catching. 

Pecan Groves at Morrison Ranch

I’ve been driving by this sign near my home for what seems like forever.  The first time I saw it, I thought it was advertising a new cemetary.  I thought “wow, that’s a kinda creepy way to advertise a cemetary.”  Then rationale set in and I realized that just couldn’t be it.  It took another drive by to see that it was actually advertising The Pecans (as in Pecan Trees and a beautiful 260 acre community set in a Pecan Grove, by the way.)

I still think it’s creepy though.  Makes me think about that old movie about a hotel that planted it’s guests in the back yard.  Up to their necks in the dirt and then made beef jerky out of them.  Like I said, creepy.

BUT…it did get my attention, so maybe the ad team isn’t so crazy!

**I had mistakenly run this post confusing The Pecans with Ashton Woods Pecan Groves at Morrison Ranch and have made those corrections to this original post.   It was really all about the creative signage, but thanks to Acacia Properties for clarifying.  I certain want to give credit where credit is due!


  1. “wow, that’s a kinda creepy way to advertise a cemetary.” – Lol. I almost peed my pants with this. Well, I made it to my backyard and comforted myself on a small acacia tree where I plan to plant my whole family in after five years. Urine is a good fertilizer.

    Being attention grabbing is not enough in advertising. You should grab attention and have a “call to action”. Seriously, when i read this ad, I visualized a bankrupt CEO who killed his whole family to get the insurance money and made them fertilizer for the tree.

    Anyway, I’m not sure if that’s the whole ad though. That short ad statement reminds of twitter; only good for grabbing attention but you dont have enough space to say what you want so whatever you say can easily be interpreted out of context.


  2. Hey Nicole,
    You’re right on with that observation. Probably explains why I originally thought it was for a completely different subdivision. My mind was trying to wrap itself around the whole “planting your family” concept, I had driven past the sign before I could look closely at what or where they were advertising.

    Thanks for visiting!