The Tennessee Cheeto Assault…a great Friday story

cheetosIt’s Friday and it’s been a crazy week…so I thought I’d take a break from a Real Estate post with something a little off the wall, and this is definitely off the wall~

A headline caught my eye today about a couple who were charged with domestic assault in Shelbyville, Tennessee last Sunday.  Apparently James Earl, age 40 and Mary, age 44 were having an argument when things got physical and Cheetos became a weapon.  I wonder if it was the puffy ones or the crunchy ones? 

The report said there were no physical marks on either party and officers really couldn’t tell who was the aggressor.  WHAT????  Who’s got the orange fingers?  Seems pretty simple to me. 

If there have to be assaults in the world, may Cheetos always be the weapon of choice.  What a wonderful world that would be.