Ahwatukee's 85044 zip code voted second best place in the country for first time home buyers

ahwatukee homesCyberhomes.com has compared 7000 zip codes around the country and has determined that our very own Ahwatukee’s 85044 zip code ranks as the second best place in the country for first time home buyers.

The study compared not only median home prices but took into consideration quality of schools, job opportunities as well as commute distances.

The top five ranked zip codes for first time home buyers were in the following cities:

1. Memphis, TN
2. Ahwatukee (Phoenix)
3. Lincoln, NE
4. Lubbock, TX
5. Richmond, VA

Ahwatukee’s 85044 is a bit more affluent then some of the surrounding communities.  The Median in the 85044 zip code is $148,200.  There are currently 239 homes for sale in the Arizona Regional MLS with a median price of $264,900.

The lowest priced home in 85044 is priced at $59,000 for a 1 bedroom, 1 bath bank owned condo.  The highest priced home is priced at 5.5 million which will get you a 14,124sf, 7 bedroom, 11 bath home including a 1300sf guest house and I must add…it’s spectacular, but probably was not taken into consideration for the best first time home buyer value.  Or was it?


  1. Of course, the sign in the picture is for The Foothills, which is mostly 85048 and not really a first-time buyer area at all.

  2. Very observant “Anon” (by the way, I’d encourage you to sign your name next time).

    By definition Foothills are geographically defined as gradual increases in hilly areas at the base of a mountain range. They are generally larger than hills, but not as tall as nearby mountains. Many neighborhoods and communities found in such a location are termed “the foothills”. Ahwatukee is one of these, so I thought the photo of the sign covered that quite nicely.

    I also think if you ask just about anyone living in Ahwatukee which covers just under 36 square miles, Ahwatukee is considered the Foothills no matter where you live. In fact, all of Ahwatukee was originally called Ahwatukee Foothills Village and here’s another little bit of info for you….

    Per the Arizona Regional MLS today:

    The lowest priced home in the 85044 zip code is listed at $54,000. The highest priced home is listed at $5,500,000.
    The lowest priced home in the 85048 zip code is priced at $51,600. The highest priced home is listed at $2,999,000.

    Hmmmm…which zip code looks more affordable to you?