Blandford's Portello Community in Chandler selling like hotcakes

Portello chandlerI recently visited Blandford’s most recent new build community, Portello in Chandler where my buyers signed a contract for a new home.  To say the place was jumpin is an understatement.

The sales office is a trailer and the 3 models are not yet completed, but buyers don’t seem to care that they can’t even walk through the home they are ordering. I was told by the sales rep that they are 60% sold out after being open only a few weeks and have cancelled the order for the model’s swimming pools and furniture.

When walking into the models at other new build communities over the last 3 years, you usually encountered one lonely agent reading a magazine and very happy to see another breathing human being.  So this was a surprise. 

Why so much activity?  Location, larger home sizes, and most importantly… PRICE!  Make that LOW PRICE.

Mr. Blandford bought the discounted lots when Builder Randall Martin walked away from the community (along with others in the Valley in February last year) and he has wisely passed on that savings to the buyer.  Bravo to you, Mr. Blandford!

How ’bout the homes?  The plans are nicely laid out, though the lots are a little small.  (We’ll call that low maintenance.) But, you can’t beat the location just North of Hamilton H.S. on Arizona Avenue.  Just a couple miles South of the 202.

It’s probably the only new build community in Chandler where you can still purchase an 1800sf home for under $200,000 and buyers are lining up to buy one.  No, I mean it…lining up. 

Our poor, (ok, poor probably isn’t the word) harried agent tried to write our contract while being interrupted every 5-10 minutes by a new buyer walking in.

I have to admit, it felt good to see the activity, which combined with the activity I’m seeing on resale is more than an “indicator” of our market improving…it’s living proof.