Phoenix Bride with a unique CAN-do Attitude.

Sometimes you hear a story that’s just too good not to share.  Like this one. 

This is a story about a bride, a wedding dress and some aluminum cans and not necessarily in that order. 

Monica Hoffman is a bride with an ingenious plan.  She recently sent out an email to her colleagues at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix that went like this~

moni-brian-giants-hatsPLEASE DONATE YOUR CANS!

Monica Hofmann and Brian Mansfield are getting married and need your help.  Donate soda, tea and energy drink cans to fund the payment of her wedding dress.

Additionally, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  Once enough funds are donated to pay for the wedding dress, 100% of the remaining proceeds will then go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Monica is located at desk BLUE 041 (three desks north of the main entrance against the window.

Please deposit cans in the receptacle behind her desk or…message her and she will come and pick them up at the end of the day..

I contacted Monica today to get the scoop.  Seems Monica and her dad have been collecting and recycling cans for about as long as Monica can remember.  It started as a way to add to her college fund and various other family projects while helping the environment. 


Monica recently began to plan her wedding and says “I work with some awesome people who love to give back to their community.  I figured that I could use my personal can drive and give my co-workers extra incentive by turning my drive into something more philanthropic.”


Monica came across a German wedding tradition in which the bride’s shoes are paid for only with change.  So she thought the combination of cans and change would be the optimal way to raise the additional funds for her wedding dress and shoes, while helping the kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital too.


How awesome is that?  Bravo to you, Monica, and 3 cheers to you, Monica’s Dad ~  Way to instill some wonderful values in your little girl!


Keep us posted on your progress, Monica, and send photos of that Can-do dress!



  1. Angie H. says:

    God bless…what a great idea. I am going to forward this to our local news stations. Maybe some others will hear of this and donate as well. After all, its for charity too.

    Well done!

  2. Hi Angie~
    I agree. I love sharing great stories!

  3. Monica H. says:

    Hi Amy and Angie,

    Thanks for the blog and the notification to the press. Channel 15 News has contacted me and will be interviewing me today! Thanks again for all of your support.


  4. Hi Monica!
    How fun!!! Please let me know when the story is going to air…I HAVE to watch!