Who has time for blogging when homes are selling???

soldI wake up every morning with the intention of posting something…anything on my Blog.  But then the phone starts ringing. 

Buyers are buying and sellers are smiling and it’s a good time in Real Estate in the Phoenix metro area.  Last  week alone, 3 of my listings sold.  One had been on the market for almost 6 months. Another for less than a week.  Yes, homes are selling and all is right with the world.

I’ve been posting the bottom is near for about 3 months..so it’s not like it came as a shock.  But for buyers who’ve been waiting for the bottom…you may be looking back at it if our current market continues on the upswing. 

Buyers are finding their favorite homes have sold right out from under them as they take their time to contemplate their choices.  This doesn’t mean buyers are paying more for homes then they’re worth (like they were 3 years ago), but it does mean that if you find a home you like…don’t wait, it will probably be gone.

I may be blogging a little less often, but take that as a good sign that our market is improving!


  1. Hopefully the new wave of foreclosures coming to Maricopa and the rising unemployment rates don’t effect the buying activity too much! We are all happy to see that homes are selling again, even if its because of government programs and a glut of inventory on the market. Hopefully it really is a turn for the best!

  2. Hey Kyle~
    Please, don’t fog up my rose colored glasses! I was out showing homes today and almost all the homes that my buyer was interested were in multiple offer situations…and these weren’t just REO properties. A change is in the air and I think it’s all good! 🙂

  3. Your post title is exacting what I was thinking this morning as I was preparing to write a couple of contracts. With a record number of homes selling, demand increasing, supply is dwinding. Prices will adjust accordingly!

  4. Isn’t that the truth! Last night as I was leaving the office at 9PM after writing my 3rd offer, I was too tired to even think about dinner, let alone blogging!