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Phoenix Bride with a unique CAN-do Attitude.

Sometimes you hear a story that's just too good not to share.  Like this one.  This is a story about a bride, a wedding dress and some aluminum cans and not necessarily in that … [Read more...]

Don't believe everything you read when looking at homes for sale.

Everyone knows Realtors are the kings and queens of fluffery.  Using words that may be a little generous when describing a home.  Buyers know that "cute",  "quaint"  and "cozy" … [Read more...]

Home buyers are starting to lose their advantage in the Phoenix area

I've been out with buyers A LOT lately and it's amazing how the best homes are in multiple offer situations and/or are sold within days of being listed.  I've noticed on my weekly … [Read more...]

Is your lender qualified to help you buy a home?

Everyone knows a obtaining loan pre-approval is an absolute MUST prior to shopping for a home...right?  It's so important that some agents call it the leather contract.  Have to … [Read more...]

Who has time for blogging when homes are selling???

I wake up every morning with the intention of posting something...anything on my Blog.  But then the phone starts ringing.  Buyers are buying and sellers are smiling and it's a … [Read more...]