What happened to the Waveyard Water Park in Mesa, AZ?


Mesa Waveyard Waterpark..where are you?  It’s been so long since we’ve heard anything about your arrival and we were wondering, are you still coming?  We’re feeling a little left in the dark.

Everyone was all a-buzz about the Waveyard back in 2007 (Check out the cool map here).   Of course, the economy hasn’t done much to help any of the Arizona’s proposed theme parks’ openings.  But just what is happening with Waveyard?  Is it still going to happen?  Maybe the answer is the often heard ~ “as soon as the market turns around”? 

I have heard that the earliest possible opening would be in 2012.  I think originally they were going to break ground in 2009.  Now reports are maybe 2010 or later.

I’m sure the recent discovery of Ancient Hohokam Canals near the project site slowed things down just a bit.  In the 1980’s, a Hohokam dwelling dating back to about 50 AD was unearthed near where 8th St intersects the 101.  Come to find out that dwelling was sitting on top of an even older Canal which runs across from the Riverview Golf Course and in the area where the new water park would be built.

An archeological and cultural study are underway and are all part of the necessary steps that must be taken to sell the land and developing it.

Filling those old Hohokam canals with water and renting boats instead maybe? Nah…doesn’t sound like as much fun.  There are some who are not very happy about the idea of a water park in the middle of the desert when water is such a valued resource.  But, Mesa city voters won the vote with an overwhelming ‘Yes’ to surfing in the desert.  Smart?  Hmmm… time will tell.