The Snoopaloopa Light Fixture wins my decorating award of the month

One of the most fun aspects of selling Real Estate is the opportunity to surround myself with decorating ideas…or not.  A homes decorating style says a lot about the people who live there. 

There are the homes that time forgot where I’m always surprised to see avocado green and harvest gold appliances that still grace some of the kitchens, along with shag carpet and flocked wall paper.  These homes tell me the owner is probably the very same person who selected these appliances and other decorating features 30 years ago.  They are comfortable in their home and figure, if it’s not broke, why change it?

Some of my favorite homes are those with surprises (and I don’t mean a dead mouse under the coffee table).  Surprises that delight are usually decorating touches I’ve never seen before.  A unique peace of wall art, like one family who had their heads rendered in plaster and hung them on the wall.  Looked like corpses hanging there when I entered the room.  They were interestingly weird and decapitated…er I mean captivating (once my heart and breathing slowed to normal).

Then there was the house that had a strange contraption hanging from the master bedroom ceiling.  At first I thought it was some type of exercise equipment…but my buyers pointed out otherwise.  I really wish I hadn’t asked.funky-lights

But last week while showing a home for sale, I found my favorite decorating surprise of the month.  It’s a light fixture and the owners of this light fixture are officially declared… FUN.  Not in a “I want to hang out with you” kinda way…but more like I heard all about you in a Dr. Seuss book and that makes you cool.  I think your snoopaloopa dining room light is awesome.  Not that I’d want one of my own, but I really would like to come visit yours whenever I want to smile. 

So Mr. & Mrs Seller and owner of the Snooploopa dining room light…You win.  You are fun and I thank you for the smile.