Stimulating Stimulus Plans All Over Chandler, AZ

carrot“Stimulus”.  It’s the word of the decade. Everyone seems to have one.  A deal, that is.  A Stimulus Plan to sell almost anything.

I’ve seen Economic Stimulus from government officials; Real Estate Stimulus advice and info from lenders and other Real Estate “authorities”; Vacation Stimulus offers; New Car Stimulus “buy now” pricing; Furniture Stimulus no-payment plans, Grocery store Stimulus Coupons and even a special Stimulus styling package from my dog groomer.

I think I’d like to use the word more in my everyday conversation. “Honey, I’m offering a great stimulus plan if you’ll take out the garbage.”

“If you eat all your veggies, there will be a great stimulus TV show for you”.

“Mr Buyer, this home is Stimulus-Priced.”

I Googled “Stimulus” and came up with almost 68 million results. So will a Stimulus be Stimulating? With the economy, I certainly hope so. But, I don’t think it’s going to make me want to buy a car.