Music and Dance will make everyone happy…Could it work for Real Estate in Phoenix?

Them Crazy Brits! They recently staged a dance event at the Liverpool Street Station.  Gotta hand it to them ~ Take 400 dancers and place them in the middle of a busy train station amidst unsuspecting travellers.  Then watch the action!  So, it’s a commercial~ who cares.  We should all be a little more spontaneous and fun. 

I wonder if I could use this idea to sell some of my homes.  Have the dancers show up at my next open house.  Yea, that would be good.  Or better yet ~ Find out where the media is planning their next “On Location Market Doom and Gloom Report”  Then have the dancers just pop out of bushes and garages, front doors and passing cars as music blares in the background.  Nothing can be gloomy when there’s music and dancing, right?

Now, where can I find 400 dancers who will dance for free?

Check out the video. It will make you smile!!