Winter in Arizona…Yes, the reason we're all here.

winterIt’s this time of year that I most appreciate Arizona.  After 42 years living in the Midwest, I remember quite vividly those late winter storms..where several feet of snow were dumped after Mother Nature had already tempted you with a few springlike days.  I remember asking myself “Why do we live here?”

It’s a little cloudy in Chandler today, but it’s 81 degrees.  Not too hard to take.  The weather wizards are calling for cooler temps this weekend with the possibility of rain.  It might not get out of the 60’s in Chandler this weekend.  Brrrrr…better get out my woolies!

Really, I’m not rubbing it in all you Snowbelt dwellers.  I just want to remind you that you really don’t have to live there.  I arizonaknow, I know…it’s HOT here in the summer.  Yes, it is.  But you don’t have to shovel it.  You can just go from your air conditioned house to your air conditioned car to your air conditioned…whatever.  Or better yet.. jump in a pool!

I do know for a fact, it’s a lot easier to cool off than warm up and I for one am very happy I left 6 months of frigid behind.

Please remember, all of you frozen folks, you’re welcome to join us here…where I promise you will eventually defrost and realize every day here is just another day in paradise!


  1. Steve says:

    Yup!….You betcha!…..You are so right, Amy! I, just returned back home to the Midwest after visiting my family for a week in Phoenix the end of Feb. It was tough boarding the plane enjoying 92 temps knowing it was 14 degrees back home! I’m sold! Five more years till retirement and I’m out of here!

  2. Ah yes…work. Keeps ya from livin the dream!

  3. You’re right Amy, last winter I almost freeze myself