Overcoming the Fear Factor when buying a home

“So, I’ve been thinking.”  Four little words that provoke fear in the heart of the strongest.  These little words usually lead to a major project or some sort of life change, like eliminating meat from our diets.  Found out Tofu is not an option for my husband.

But I really have been thinking.  Thinking about how the idea of owning a home has changed in America.  My parents paid $19,000 for their home in the 1950’s.  I wasn’t there, but I doubt they ever once thought about what their house would be worth “someday”. 

I bought my first house in 1983. I know for a fact resale value never entered my mind.  I thought about the quality of the schools for my daughters.  I thought about lot location.  I thought about how I wanted gray carpet with mauve accents (Hey…it was the 80s!)

Everyone claims to be a real estate expert today.  The media, your neighbor…your uncle Bert.  They’re putting fear and doubt into the hearts of buyers and it all revolves around a home’s monetary value.  But, isn’t it more than that?

Ask yourself one question.  Why do I want to buy a home?  If the answer is “to make money” then this post isn’t for you.  But, if you’re like most buyers, I’ll bet your reason for buying a home is one or more of the following:

  • I want to improve my standard of living
  • I want to live in the home I’ve always dreamed of
  • I want to give my children the opportunities of a certain school district or neighborhood
  • I want to have more living space
  • I want to live closer to my family
  • I want to get away from my family
  • I want a yard
  • I don’t want a yard
  • I want a pool
  • I don’t want a pool
  • I want to live closer to work to save on gas and so I can spend more quality time doing what I want to do
  • I want to reap the tax benefits of owning a home
  • I want to paint my living room purple (disclaimer: purple is not a good color for a living room..but it’s your house!)
  • Interest rates are LOW. 
  • House prices are LOW.
  • I’m tired of giving money to a landlord
  • Chances are still pretty good it will be a good investment in the long run
  • I’m so tired of cold weather and snow, I think I’ll move to Phoenix!  Yea…that’s one of the best reasons yet.uncle-bert

So, if you’re thinking about buying a home for any of the above reasons (or some I may have missed) NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO BUY!  Stop listening to the “You’ll shoot your eye out” doomsday anthem. 

There really are great values in the Phoenix area and most Sellers are happy to negotiate.  The minute the market stabilizes, you as the buyer are going to loose your advantage and I’ll bet uncle Bert’s going to deny ever having told you to “wait”.


  1. Thank you! It’s about time people in Phoenix start buying houses to live in rather than to flip in a year for a huge profit. The more lived-in homes we have, the better.

  2. I agree! Let’s get real and think about homes the way they were meant to be thought about! Thanks for the post~