Schnepf Farms approved for 12 Concerts a year.

Corn Maze Shnepf FarmsSchnepf Farms has received the “A-OK” to hold 12 concerts a year after a unanimous vote by the Queen Creek Town Council.   Good news for the Schnepf’s who due to economic times,  feared having to sell the farm if the request was denied. 

Schnepf Farms was established by Mark Schnepf’s grandparents in 1941.  Originally 600 acres, Schnepf Farms is now down to 270 acres and is Queen Creek’s last dedicated farm. 

What’s not to love about the farm? Especially during the fall pumpkin festival complete with corn maze and haunted train ride.  The spring peach festival is another big draw.  Two long standing traditions that I would definitely miss if the Shnepf’s had to sell.

“Concerts in the Corn” has a nice ring to it, but some of the neighbors are less than thrilled with the prospect of 12 concerts a year being held in this sleepy community.   Increased noise and traffic lead the list of concerns.

Over the past few years, Schnepf Farms has hosted County Thunder and more recently EdgeFest and the Shnepf’s have always tried to keep the community happy by restricting hours of the events etc.  But this feels bigger somehow to neighbors. 

I don’t know, I think if Schepf’s had to sell, the land would probably be purchased by a developer and 12 nights of noise and increased traffic would turn into a car dealership, Strip mall, Walmart and hundreds more homes.  I think that would lead to more traffic and more noise for ummm…say 365 nights a year.  Just maybe.