Realtor Mom to the Rescue

I’m back from a whirlwind trip to Houston, Tx where the itinerary consisted primarily of painting walls and moving furniture at my daughter Alesha’s home.  A home she WILL be selling (that’s the power of positive thinking).  She had the home on the market for several months last year without a sale, so it was Realtor Mom to the rescue.

Alesha has a decorating style that can be described as “Moroccan Chic” with a decidedly wonderful thriftiness that included a couple furniture hand me downs and one or two left over from her college days.  Some with sentimental attachment like her whimsical purple bookshelf with blue henna like details and sparkling little jewels.  She couldn’t believe I would ask her to remove that wonderful shelf that she painted all by herself while in college.  When I left, it was poking seductively out of her closet as she promised me it would be gone.  Sad but true.

Beautiful deep red walls in the master bedroom were perfect for Alesha…but not very saleable for the general painting-2public.  She was also using the front formal living room as a master bedroom without a closet… again, worked for Alesha, but many buyers can’t see beyond the way a home is decorated and the way the rooms are used.

So with a tear in her eye, Alesha agreed to cover those red walls with a great shade of Realtor Beige…Well, not quite.  We found one called Sahara Sands that met with my little gypsy’s approval.

So we painted and moved furniture from room to room.  Boxing up an office from the front bedroom and moving itlr1 to the back bedroom.  Moving the living room to it’s place of honor at the front of the house.

It was a lot of work, but great fun.  Alesha’s willingness to let me totally redesign her living space was something I wish more sellers would let me do…but then maybe the title “mom” carries a little more weight than “Realtor”.