Don't believe all you're hearing, Chandler home sales show signs of market recovery

chandler-home-pricesDon’t let the anyone fool you.  Things are looking up for Real Estate in Chandler, Arizona and the surrounding East Valley communities.  I know I’ve definitely seen an increase in buyer activity over the last 3-4 weeks. 

Running the stats for homes that sold over the last two weeks between 1/14/2009 and 1/28/2009, I compared those numbers to the number of sales for the same 2 weeks last year, 1/14/2008-1/28/2008.  What I found must be top secret information since it contradicts just about all the information we’ve been hearing on the 10:00 news.

Interesting to note that sales in Maricopa and Queen Creek have had the most significant increase in home sales activity and this coincides with predictions that these are the areas where we’ll see the first signs of market recovery. 

  • 81 Chandler sales this year……68 last year
  • 124 Gilbert sales this year……78 last year
  • 171 Mesa sales this year……140 last year
  • 29 Ahwatukee sales this year……22 last year
  • 137 Queen Creek sales this year…..55 last year
  • 69 Maricopa sales this year……34 last year

Bottom line, buyer’s who are waiting for the “bottom” may not have much time to get off that fence!