Harley Motorcycle for sale. Saying Goodbye to my favorite Motorcycle Rides in Arizona

Harley for saleMy husband, TJ, is selling his Harley.  Sad but true.  We haven’t put that many miles on this bike…just over 6000, but truth be known, I’ve become a white-knuckle passenger.  Maybe I’m just getting old… but I worry about the way others drive and have decided I value the perceived safety of being completely wrapped in an automobile.  Oh, I’ll live dangerously and ride in a convertible, but that’s about the extent of my wildness.  Yea, I know…boring. 

I’ve enjoyed many a mile perched on the back of our Harley.  I love that big Harley Classic with the “Lazy-Boy-type” seat just for me.  I’ve actually fallen asleep back there on a ride to Vegas from Phoenix.  Falling asleep on a Harley…definitely a safety hazard.  Luckily, as my head nodded forward my helmet smacked up against TJ’s.  That’ll wake ya.  Caused me to start thinking of a great invention…Vests made out of Velcro so the passenger could be securely fastened to the driver… which would be much more conducive to a nap. 

The one thing I’ll miss most are the gorgeous motorcycle routes.  Oh, they’re beautiful no matter what vehicle your in or on…but there’s something about being on a Harley that makes you feel like you’re REALLY there. 

Here are my top picks:

Hwy 60 from Phoenix to Show Low.  The route through the Salt River Canyon will leave you speechless.  Kinda like a mini Grand Canyon.  Stop at the bottom and check out the Salt River which is usually flowing very quickly in the spring.  Once you’re in Show Low, you might as well head Southeast towards Sunrise Ski Resort and take a side trip down to Hawley Lake.  The colors in the fall are awesome.  Remember that the temps will average 25-35 degrees cooler than the valley and there’s snow up there in the winter.  This is about a 3 hour ride to Show Low, so best to plan an overnight so you can enjoy a full day touring the towns including Pinetop and Greer.  Gotta love those pines.

Nothing quite like a motorcycle trip to Tortilla Flats via Route 88.  This ghost town with a population of 6 includes a must stop at the restaurant (because there’s not much else there) for breakfast or a burger and don’t miss the baby rattlers on display.

Flagstaff to Sedona on Route 89A through the Oak Creek Canyon.  Another beauty.  Nothing compares to this ride especially in the summer (except for the fact that you’ll experience heat stroke on your way in and out of Phoenix in the middle of summer.  

Jerome, Arizona is another great ride.  Located about 90 miles from Phoenix and double-billed as the largest ghost town in America and the most vertical town in America.  Take Hwy 17 out of Phoenix to Hwy 260 to AZ 89-Alt. 

If you want to take one of these trips on your very own Harley~ and you need the Harley~ Have I got a deal for you!  $13,500 and it’s all yours…including 2 years on an extended warranty and helmets, leathers, charger and more.  Just email me at amy@amysellsaz.com for more photos and/or details.

2004 Harley Davidson Classic for sale ~With only 6400 miles!

2004 Harley Davidson Classic for sale ~With only 6400 miles!

Shameless selling of something other than a house…I know.  But hey!  I’ve got a BLOG…why not?


  1. Steve says:

    That’s too bad about the bike Amy! I have a 2007 Harley Road King Classic, black just like yours and I can’t imagine sell it. I have taken the ride to Show Low and Tortilla Flats on bikes when visiting my family in Phoenix last February. Your right…it’s gorgeous! I have to try out your other suggestions the next time I visit. By the way…its a sweet bike and a great bargin! Good luck!