My New Year Hopes for the Chandler Arizona Real Estate Market

1191229I for one am not sorry to say goodbye to 2008.  While my business has grown and I’ve done very well, it’s been a difficult year with some tragic losses for my family.  We said goodbye to my nephew, Earl who passed away in March and to my dad, Mac who passed away in October.  In April our daughter Whitney’s tragic car accident resulted in massive injuries including a broken neck and the loss of her left arm.  We are blessed to be able to say that she is doing well today… but believe me…it’s not a year I want to repeat.

My wish list for the Chandler real estate market this year is pretty simple.  

1. First and foremost I would love to see the return of optimism.  I for one will continue to see the cup half full where many see it as half empty.  I will stop listening to the drivel about the baaaaad market.  I will continue to share the REAL story of how my last buyer found the perfect home for their family and how the last home I sold..sold in less than a week.  Homes are still selling.  Buyers are still buying.

2. I would love for the general population of home buyers to return to thinking of the home they are buying as their home rather than a ticket to riches.  The skewed market a few years back which saw huge gains in home appreciation has warped many buyers’ thought processes.  If you’re planning on being in a home for 4 or more years, I truly believe you should quit waiting for the “bottom” and buy a home you love.  A home you can treat as home and enjoy residing.  STOP thinking you will some day double your money when you sell.  Stop treating the decision to buy a home as a stock option.  Buy a home…put a couch in it and sit for awhile.  Maybe get some comfy pillows and put a few pictures on the wall.  Relax.

3.  I would love it if Realtors would return to some form of professionalism.  Don’t get me wrong…most of my colleagues are professional and good at what they do.  Fortunately, many of the less than great real estate professionals left the field when the going got tough.  But for the Realtors that are left , Pleeeeaaaase…admit that you have no photographic skills and maybe you could hire someone to take your photos for you?  But please stop putting photos like these out there to advertise your listings. It’s embarrassing.

Try autofocus and maybe a tripod would help?

Try auto-focus and maybe a tripod would help?

Really? You want to use this photo of a toilet? Just like this? Really?

Really? You want to use this photo of a toilet? Just like this? Really?

4.  I think it’s finally happening, but I would love it if everyone would realize that “short sales” are not short…and don’t always result in a sale.  They are not always that great a deal and almost always sell for much more than that great looking price you see advertised.

5.  Last but not least, I know I can’t stop the publishing of negativity, but I wish everyone would stop reading all the negative hype.  Understand that the media loves negativity.  The “if it bleeds, it leads” theory is alive and well in the Phoenix area but the truth of the matter is there are a lot of great deals to be had in the Chandler housing market.  Interest rates are at their lowest in years.  I think 2009 is going to be one of the best years in history to buy a home.  Don’t get caught saying “I wish I woulda…”!