"Buyers loved the home…BUT.." Does feedback on your home for sale help?

feedback-on-your-chandler-homeYour home is for sale and you really want to know what the buyers who look at your home think, right?  Well…sometimes.  Constructive feedback can be very helpful; Something like “The sellers should open the drapes or leave the lights on” or “The home was overpriced compared to many we looked at”.  That’s feedback we can work with to determine what needs to be done to get the home sold.

Lately, I’m finding feedback on my listings in the Phoenix East Valley to be increasingly bizarre in this Buyer’s Market.  “Bizarre” might not be the right descriptive word, more like “stupid” really. 

How ’bout this one from a local agent after viewing one of my Chandler homes for sale~

“Well, the buyers really liked the house, but they didn’t like the way the chair blocked the front window”.  Ummmm….did the buyers really think they would have to live with the seller’s furniture somehow bolted to the floor?  I just didn’t get that.

Then there are the countless feedback responses that make you wonder if the buyers or their agent even looked at the MLS information.  Feedback like “The buyers don’t want a pool” when the lead photo in the MLS is of the pool.  Or…”They need a 3 car garage” when the listing clearly lists the home as having a 2 car garage. 

My favorite was the recent feedback after a showing of a beautiful Ocotillo Lakefront home.  The agent shared that the home smelled like “a dirty diaper” and the smell just seemed to follow them around the house.  What???  The seller’s were out of town and they don’t even have a baby.  So, I went right over to make sure there wasn’t a sewer problem and everything “smelled” just fine.  Sounds like maybe Mr. or Mrs. Buyer had a case of walking flatulence. 

I do thank all agents who are courteous enough to provide feedback…but maybe we should all strive to provide information that might be a bit more useful!