Support Santan Jr. High Band in Chandler and Earn a Dollar for Dollar State Tax Credit

Why not tell the State of Arizona exactly where to spend your tax dollars?  Arizona offers taxpayers an opportunity to donate toward Arizona Public Schools extracurricular activities and receive a dollar for dollar tax credit for that donation. That means if you make a donation, you will get every penny of it back on your tax return!

How much can you donate?  As much as you want of course…BUT if you would like the dollar for dollar tax credit there is a cap on that credit donation.  Taxpayers who are “married filing jointly” can donate up to $400 per calendar year.  For those filing  “Single”, “Head of Household” or “Married, filing separately”, a $200 donation per calendar year can be made.  Arizona Law ARS 43-1089.01.  (Of course I’m not a tax professional and you should consult your tax advisor for specific tax advice.)

If you’d  like to take advantage of this tax savings, and you’re looking for a worthy extracurricular activity to donate to, please consider the Santan Band at Santan Jr. High in Chandler.  Band Director, Jeremy Kane says the contributions are an important part of their music program and funds will be used to help buy instruments and music along with many other musical education needs.  If you’re wondering about the importance of band programs in our schools, Just check this out 10-reasons-to-stay-in-band.

Contributions eligible for tax credit are donated directly to schools, not to the state or school district. 

Making a contribution to the Santan Jr. High Band Program is easy.  You can contribute online using a credit card through the Chandler Unified School District Website

  • Simply click on “Contribute Online“,
  • then click on “Make a Donation
  • select “Santan Jr. High” under the School Drop Down list
  • select “Band” under the Activity Drop Down list
  • input your contribution amount
  • click continue and you will be taken to the credit card information page


If you’re more comfortable writing a check and sending it by mail, simply download the contribution form, fill in the blanks indicating you would like your contribution to benefit the Santan Jr. High School Band and mail it in along with your check.  That’s all there is to it!

Some employers will match employees contributions, so make sure you check with your employer to see if your employer will match your contribution.

Your support of the Santan Jr. High Band is greatly appreciated.  Jeremy Kane and his students thank you!


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