A great big "Thank You" to our Veterans

I’ve bragged about my dad, Richard McGarrigle before and I’ll probably brag about my dad until I draw my last breath.  Dad was a US Navy Veteran (20 years, Retired, Chief Boiler Technician, WWII) who lived with my husband, TJ, and I until he passed away last month after a long brave fight with Cancer

Dad taught me everything I know about patriotism…  He taught me that you could have 3 ships sunk right out from under you and never hold a grudge against anyone.  He taught me to salute our flag by putting my hand over my heart whenever it passes by in a parade or whenever the National Anthem is played.  He taught me you don’t talk or chew gum when you’re saluting our flag.  He taught me that you should never wear your hat when you’re saluting our flag, either. 

Sometimes I wonder if the general population knows anything about flag etiquette?  It sure doesn’t seem like it when I’m watching a crowd anytime the flag is presented or the National Anthem is played.  So many seem oblivious to our flag as it passes by and aren’t even hearing the words of our National Anthem.  I know many feel it’s not “cool” to salute our flag.  But really, it’s not “cool” when you don’t.

Maybe we should do a better job as parents teaching our children about patriotism.  Veteran’s day is more than a day off work or school.  It’s more than just a day when the mail doesn’t come.  It’s a day to remember those who have served our country.  It’s a day to fly the American Flag.  

For the first time, Dad wasn’t here to put the flag out today .  So with tears in my eyes I gently unrolled dad’s flag.  The flag he had so carefully put away the last time he took it down.  Today I put the flag out for Dad and the tears fell.  Tears because I miss dad terribly and because I’m proud of him for giving 20 years of his life fighting for our country.  So, for dad and for Veterans everywhere…. I say “thank you” from the bottom of my patriotic heart.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Amy- Great post- Does my heart good to see we still have some Real Americans out there. My father was a Navy vet also, WWII , Pacific Theatre. Never complained about what he went thru and loved this country. Taught us as kids to respect the flag and respect and be thankful to the men and women who make our freedom possible.

  2. There’s nothing quite like a WWII Veteran, is there? They are a piece of history that is slowly disappearing. We owe each and every one of them a great deal of respect and gratitude. They have each left a legacy that we can only hope to continue and they were a perfect model of the “get it done, stop feeling sorry for yourself” generation. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sorry to learn of the passing of your Dad. He was a wonderful Dad and you a wonderful daughter. Peace be with you and your family.

  4. Alesha says:

    You are such a wonderful writer, Mom! This is absolutely beautiful. You make Grandpa proud…

  5. Thank you darling daughter! I hope to make him as proud as you make me. Sending hugs~ Love mom