Blogging. The consummate Time Sucker

bloggingAm I a Realtor or am I a Blogger and can I be both?  This is a question I’ve been pondering quite a bit over the last few months.  My Blog is pretty young but the dedication and time it takes to keep daily posts entertaining and informative is mind boggling.  I guess it wouldn’t be a big deal if I felt comfortable throwing together posts that were boring and simply filled with data or generally uninspired.  I’ve read those blogs. They’re no fun.

There are great real estate blogs out there. I have been inspired by Jay Thompson “The Phoenix Real Estate Guy” and Bloggers like him who post daily with often fun and irreverent information and ramblings.  My hat’s off to all of them. 

Having a great Blog is more than creating interesting posts.  It’s also about responding to comments on your blog, reading other blogs, commenting on other blogs all for the purpose or improving the rating of your very own blog. Why?  Well, for most Realtors it’s even more than the joy of communication.  For most it’s so buyers and sellers can find us.  It works but it comes at a cost.

I LOVE writing and if I believed in reincarnation, I would probably say I had been a writer in a previous life.  Maybe some day I’ll retreat to my cabin and just write…but not a blog.  I’ll write the next great American novel or something that will change the world. 

But not today. Today I’m a REALTOR.  I represent folks who are buying and selling homes. It’s a full time job for me and I’m chunky busy (a huge chunk of my life is spent performing my Realtor duties) even though I hear it’s a slow market, you couldn’t prove it by me. My sellers are selling and my buyers are buying.  I’ve had the most productive year of all my years in real estate.creative-brain

So where does that leave me? The good, the bad and the ugly of it all is I have a creative brain.  My creative brain is constantly thinking “outside the box” to sell my clients’ homes and find the perfect homes for my buyers. Creativity can be exhausting all by itself. 

Did you know a creative-brain never shuts off?  It usually wakes up before I do and nudges me into consciousness and then it starts running. Not like a jogger either. More like a sprinter. 

My husband has asked me not to start talking to him until HE wakes up.  He often says “I smell smoke” after I’ve been awake for about 2 minutes.  By that time I’ve planned and outlined all the things I want to do in a day (which are usually impossible to complete in a single day) and I hit the floor running…very early.

This creative brain doesn’t let me lie quietly…ever.  It urges me to update and add fun things to my website….constantly.  It calls to me to search the Internet for even more creative marketing strategies.  It sees the mundane and twists it 17 ways to figure out if there’s something I can create with it.  A creative brain nags incessantly “read this”, “do this”, “how can you make this better”, “wouldn’t it be great if you did this..”, “listen to me…I’m talking to you”…blah blah blah. 

Yes that’s Creative Brain…sister to ADHD.

So I’ve come to the decision that I would rather spend what little free time I have with my family.  Using Creative Brain to come up with fun things to do with them or at the very least do something that does not involve my computer (which is another big time sucker with productive Realtors).  Oh, I’ll keep blogging… weekly I’m thinking right now.  Yea, a post a week sounds like a vacation.  Maybe Talking Tuesdays or Wonderfully Wordy Wednesdays or…. there goes Creative Brain again. 

Time to go.  My family’s calling.


  1. Hey Amy, your posts are a great read! Have fun with the family and hopefully you’ll find some free time in the future.


  2. Thanks Brian~
    I’ll get back to it. The vacation is nice right now!
    Thanks for posting~