Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Here’s a photo I took at the corner of Ray & McClintock in Chandler.  I wasn’t really able to capture the total volume of signs on this corner or the corner directly across the street (since driving and snapping a camera are never a good combo) But tell me, is this not an eyesore? 

And who’s the winner in this?  Are bigger signs better? Or is it better to have a dozen that are smaller and exactly alike?

I mean, really.  Do these signs sway a voter?  I don’t think I’ve ever driven up to a corner and said.  Hmmm. Think I’ll vote for Mr. Smith.  He has 15 signs on this corner and the rest only have 14.  Or…Wow…Mr. Jones (no relation) has the biggest sign…he MUST be a good candidate.

I just don’t get it.  I don’t have a problem with voicing your personal preference by placing a small sign in your yard, but these masses on the corners, what good are they?  I would love someone to explain the value of all those signs.

But in the meantime…I’ll just keep humming the song that keeps playing in my head when I see them.  “Signs…Signs…everywhere a sign. Blocking out the scenery. Breaking my mind.” 

Thank you 5 Man Electrical Band (did I just date myself?).