Number of Canadian Buyers in Arizona Declines as Canadian Dollar Looses Value in the US

canadian-flagFor the past 2 years, Canadians have flooded the Arizona buyer’s market picking up some great home values for vacation and investment purposes.  That has all changed as the Canadian Dollar no longer has parity with the US Dollar.

Canadian Buyers are holding tight to see what happens with the Dollar and the election.  There are still plenty of deals to be had, of course, in the Valley of the Sun.  Nothing has changed here.  In fact there are better deals now than there were 2 years ago.  But the uncertainty with the market as well as some areas of Canada that are now heading into their own real estate market decline have caused many to pause.

Most of my Canadian buyers say they are still interested, but are just going to hold off for a little while.  We’ll always be here when they’re ready, but hopefully our values will soon begin to rise and many predict we are nearing the bottom of our market decline.


  1. We’re seeing the same effect here in Florida and heaven knows we need all the buyers we can get at this point. Hoping things turn around soon for both Arizona and Florida Realtors. Thanks for the article

  2. Cnadians are hesitant here, too, after being prettty active previously

  3. I’m hoping things will pick up after the election but right now, many of my Canadian Buyers are holding tight.

  4. We are begnning to see Canadian buyers here in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. A few are buying already and more are planning to come visit us.

  5. Hi Cheryl,
    They’re starting to return to the Phoenix area as well. With our market our prices are lower than they’ve been in years!

  6. Interesting info. Canadian buyers eem to be more interested of late in properties here in Florida

  7. Hard to believe when we have some amazing deals here in the valley!